I’m Kaleigh!

my first triathlon

I’m from Atlanta, and go to school in Statesboro, GA.

I am a Super Senior Information Technology major with a Music minor. My specialization is in Web & Multimedia and my 2nd discipline is Music Technology. a mouthful.

I’m a girl IT major..soo I’m kind of geeky. But not too much. I think.

Geekend 2011

I’m also a runner. I’ve been a runner since 2004, my¬†sophomore¬†year in high school. I ran cross country, and loved it. So I continued running as a hobby in college. My first 2 years of college it was hard for me to fit running in with being a (then) music major, and just in general. But thankfully my junior year I made it more of a priority and made a place for it in my daily schedule. Lately I’ve been running in my Vibram Komodosports. I love it!

XC in high school

I’m also a triathlete. This past April, I completed my first Triathlon. I’m planning to do at least 2 this coming spring. I was going to do a TRI this fall, but got lazy with training and didn’t think I had enough time to get ready. Never again! I also joined my school’s new club team, the TriEagles!

triathlon bike
biking in the triathlon!

I’m a biker/cyclist. Whichever word you prefer.. I didn’t really start riding for fun/fitness until the beginning of 2011 when I got a new hybrid bike for Christmas. Plus my boyfriend is a biker/cyclist. I’ve been riding bikes as far back as I can remember, and always ride my bike to class ever since I was a freshman. And for a lovely time period after my car was stolen, until I got a new one, I rode my bike to friends apartments, parties, and quick/light grocery trips.

hanging out

I have an awesome boyfriend, Shaun. We met in college through his brother, my old roommate, and have been dating since September 2010. He’s made me a better person and has made me more comfortable being myself. We run, bike, kayak, hammock, and everything else together.

we cool.

I’m a HUGE Coldplay fan. Since I was 14, I’ve been kind of obsessed. I have seen them live 8 times (and counting!).

Coldplay at Music Midtown

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