So I guess I’m technically in (or finished with??) recovery from my race. I actually don’t know, I’m not an expert at triathlon recovery. But I haven’t worked out all that much in the past week, only 4 times. My shins hurt pretty bad. I’ve been wearing my Zensah compression sleeves (and even sent a pair to my half-marathon training bestie!), massage rolling, and even iced a little. That looks like “iced latte” and makes me want one.. ah!

My dog Lucy (left) and I added a new running partner to our list…Maya (right). Maya is my brother Nick’s dog who is now living with us. So, she’s now Lucy’s sister and they’re learning to love each other. Which is cute.

I made Lucy lay down next to Maya, but it doesn’t look too staged!

I took both dogs running on Saturday, which was an experience. I tied their leashes together so they were real close. I think the whole first mile was all struggle, but after that they were getting tired and listening to me more. By the end both dogs (cough Maya) were super tired and running behind me. Maya has never really done anything like that. She never went on walks or played outside that much so on Sunday, she was one sore pup!

After that run/walk/struggle, I had to ice my shins. And I decided I’ll try to stay off them as much as I can. I have been using My Fitness Pal to track everything I’ve been eating/doing, which I’ve noticed has stopped me from snacking…alot. It’s a pretty interesting app. But that doesn’t stop me from going here:

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