So I guess I’m technically in (or finished with??) recovery from my race. I actually don’t know, I’m not an expert at triathlon recovery. But I haven’t worked out all that much in the past week, only 4 times. My shins hurt pretty bad. I’ve been wearing my Zensah compression sleeves (and even sent a pair to my half-marathon training bestie!), massage rolling, and even iced a little. That looks like “iced latte” and makes me want one.. ah!

My dog Lucy (left) and I added a new running partner to our list…Maya (right). Maya is my brother Nick’s dog who is now living with us. So, she’s now Lucy’s sister and they’re learning to love each other. Which is cute.

I made Lucy lay down next to Maya, but it doesn’t look too staged!

I took both dogs running on Saturday, which was an experience. I tied their leashes together so they were real close. I think the whole first mile was all struggle, but after that they were getting tired and listening to me more. By the end both dogs (cough Maya) were super tired and running behind me. Maya has never really done anything like that. She never went on walks or played outside that much so on Sunday, she was one sore pup!

After that run/walk/struggle, I had to ice my shins. And I decided I’ll try to stay off them as much as I can. I have been using My Fitness Pal to track everything I’ve been eating/doing, which I’ve noticed has stopped me from snacking…alot. It’s a pretty interesting app. But that doesn’t stop me from going here:

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Tri2Remember Laurel Park

Saturday was the 2nd half of the Tri2Remember races. It was a 400m swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 5k run. I guess because it was my 4th triathlon it was time for me to start learning some lessons.

Lesson #1 Maybe read all of the rules of triathlon from USA Triathlon. I mean, some are pretty basic, but others..they can bite you.

Lesson #2 If you see a guy on a motorcycle, follow all the USA Triathlon rules for that teeny tiny bit of time he’s around. It can add up.

Lesson #3 Do more brick workouts and run a whole lot more. Legs should not feel like 50lb weights. Right?


Friday night before the race, I learned that Shaun came up with the idea that he and my family would all wear “Team Leach” t-shirts. A pretty great, and sweet, we went to Micheal’s where I decided on a t-shirt color..neon green of course, and we bought iron on transfer things.

We all spent the rest of the night printing, ironing, and adding names to shirts (everyone had their own special name). Then Shaun and I went to his house for bed since he lives a lot closer than I do to Laurel Park.


Saturday morning I woke up, showered and got ready to leave. I wasn’t really feeling good, so I only ate Sports Beans before the race..not my best idea. Finding the park was pretty easy, it felt like the first time in a while I had enough time to get my transition area set up and have time for one last bathroom stop. These things are important!

The swim start was pretty different. It wasn’t in waves, but 2 people went at a time. We had to wait in line to get to the dock, then jump in the water and wait in another “line” while hanging onto the dock. I didn’t like that at all since it was awkward holding on and stretching out my left arm more than my right. Luckily I made the right decision in not renting a wetsuit since the water was warmer than the temperature outside! It felt really good. Because of this staggered start, I didn’t come into contact with anyone’s feet or splashes or anything really. I actually got to swim freestyle most of the way! Woo!

My official swim time was 10:21..but that included the jog up the boat ramp and all the way to the transition area…so by my watch it was in the 9 minute area.

My T1 was 1:42..I felt like I spent a good bit of this time trying to dry off but then I realized that wasn’t going to ever happen the way I wanted so I finally left.

Then the bike…oh the bike..

I love the’s like my favorite part. But I messed up. At first it was all great, then there were a few hills that were not friendly. I stopped at one point only to regroup for a quick second. Once the hills were over it was great, nice flat land and downhills. Then there was a bridge. And a lady who I wanted to pass..and a “no passing” sign. So to not slow myself down, I rode kind of next to her, but still behind her…and someone was behind me on a motorcycle. As soon as we got off the bridge, I passed her…then I hit a bump and one of my water bottles (okay Gatorade bottles) fell out the holder. I thought, oh it’s okay I see people’s bottles and stuff all over the place. Actually that’s not okay..none of that was… not the following to her side I did, which is also known as drafting and I should have stopped to pick up my water bottle. Guess who was on that motorcycle? A race official. It all clicked that I screwed myself when he slowed down next to me when he was passing me. He had a clip board. And was writing things. GROSS.

I didn’t know though exactly what was going on at this time. I thought I was in trouble for passing the guy in front of me (after the woman) on the right because he was weaving to the left. Nope, that was fine apparently.

So the rest of the race I was living in fear and wondering what happens when this happens. I felt I was doing so good and was getting mad at myself. I finished the bike in 51:05. T2 was 40 seconds. Someone put their bike in my spot (rude!) so I just put mine wherever. I was not about to start organizing the bike rack. F that!

I began the run with my legs feeling super slow and heavy. I hate this part. This is something Iwill become better at. Somehow. There was a lady in front of me and we ended up running the first mile and a half next to each other. We had the same pace, but I lost her on a hill and she never caught back up. Sad day, I thought we could be besties!

My run splits were 10, 11, 12, which made it a 33:41 5k. Blah.I finished the race (by my time) in 1:37:27. Exactly the same as my first tri, which so far had been my best. Next year I will get a new PR! Determined!

After the race, I was curious about my mess ups, Shaun and I found the race official who asked if I was 220..yes, yes I was..He explained everything to me and was super nice. I had a penalty of 6 minutes added to my time, making it 1:43:27…gross!

Things I learned…pick up your trash, if you’re going to pass, pass if not, get away! and I need to get better on my run. Right now I’m trying to eat better and watch my calories and fun stuff with apps. Yes multiple apps because I’m trying to find the best one for the job. Yes I am lame.