Blog Intro

This blog is for MIST 7500 Internet Technology, as part of the requirements in UGA’s Master of Internet Technology program. Throughout this fall semester I will be blogging about various topics related to this course, and also about topics of interest. I hope that I will continue this blog throughout my entire grad school experience.

This past May I graduated from Georgia Southern with my Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, with a specialization in web & multimedia and a 2nd discipline in music technology. I am currently working as a marketing intern at BravePoint in Norcross. Even though I’m in the marketing department I am working with web development and social media. Before this job I worked as a student Web Assistant at GA Southern. I hope to stay in the web development field and learn some more design and code for the internet.

In my free time I train for triathlons, run and ride one of my 3 bikes. I also enjoy kayaking and being outside. I hope to live somewhere near the Chattahoochee River one day, but still be close to the city.

I love technology and am currently obsessed with my Kindle Fire and MacBook Pro. I just made the switch from PC to Mac this August and I am loving it. Maybe one day I’ll go from Android to iPhone too.

I’m looking forward to learning everything in this program and getting to know all of my classmates and professors in my cohort!