Tri2Remember Jefferson

I know, I have been really bad at posting! But here is my race recap for July 15th’s sprint triathlon in Jefferson, GA, Tri2Remember. I am also signed up to race in the 2nd race in this series, Tri2Remember Laurel Park on September 15th. I got a deal, $100 for both races! Not too shabby!

Tri2Remember Jefferson was on a Sunday morning with a race start time of 7:30am, and the transition area was to close at 6:45. Luckily, I was able to sleep at Shaun’s house the night before which put us only 25 minutes away from the race instead of an hour if I slept at my place.

The night before, I brought all of my gear over to Shaun’s and we loaded up his rental car that he happened to have. We also went to Wal-Mart to buy bagels and cream cheese, Gatorade, Pedialite, extra Cliff Bar Shot Blox, aaaand I think that was it.

I woke up at 5AM so I could wake myself up even more in the shower, and get some food in me before my nerves started kicking in. I had half of a half of a bagel. Then I couldn’t take anymore. We left around 5:50, and stopped on the exit to Jefferson for Shaun to get some food at QuikTrip and for me to hit up the last non-port-a-potty bathroom for a few hours.

By the time we got to park it was about 6:40! I don’t know how that happened, and we had to park across the street, so we had to grab everything from the car at once! Shaun had my bike and some bags, and I had my transition bag and more bags and a water bottle. I don’t know why I have so much stuff!

I ran over to get my race packet, and my numbers written on me. There was a sign that said only athletes were allowed in the transition area, but I needed Shaun with me to help me sort everything else, so I kinda ignored it.

Luckily they extended the time the transition closed until about 7:15 I think…so I got really the fact I left my goggles in the car and had to run (in those flip flops) to go grab them!

When I was finally ready, it was time for me to make a million port-a-potty stops. I was nervous about the 2nd lake swim. At least the 1st was out of the way? I was also glad I have a 2 piece tri-suit!

After what felt like a million years of waiting for the race to start, it was time.

I am too cool, I know.

The swim was 400 yards. And I’m not going to like, it was gross. At first I thought it was going to be okay, the water was warm, really warm. And I was standing in a good spot to the side, and we could see the finish across the “lake”. It was a giant pond. When my wave started I was good, doing freestyle, then I got kicked and that totally interrupted my awesomeness. I had to do breast stroke, and couldn’t put my head under water again. I tried to do freestyle, but it was too much. Then water went up my nose and I had to stop. Then I realized I should not stop and needed to keep going because I was getting closer to the swim finish and closer to doing my thang on the bike. Also, halfway through I was over the warm water, because my body heat got hotter and hotter and I was so uncomfortable and hot and the water was not refreshing!

After 10:45 I was out!


My T1 time was 1:48! My fastest! I think the tri-suit, no socks, and having everything laid out in the order I was going to need it to put it on helped A LOT! I had some Shot Blox in my SpiBelt saving them for the run, and Sport Beans and more Shot Blox in my tri-suit pockets for the bike. I put them all in zip lock bags and in the fridge the night before so they were easy to get to and perfect while on the bike.


I like to smile for race pictures because no one expects it!!


I smiled for one of the professional bike pics, and the woman photographer was like “WHOO YES!!” No one expects it.

The bike was perfect. Pretty much flat, a few tiny hills but they were nothing. It was out and back so halfway we turned around at “Wits End Road”. It was really called that!

I finished the 15 mile bike in 55:56 minutes. I didn’t think getting it under an hour was possible until I realized around mile 5 ( I think it was) that I was at 15 minutes. On my official time it says my pace was 16.1 mph. I’m pretty excited about it.

My T2 time was 43 seconds. All I had to do was drop my bike off and take my helmet off! My butt was SO sore after the bike! That was the first time with the current seat I have on it. So I didn’t know what that was about, but I made sure to have some Shot Blox ASAP, and had to stop once I got into the woods from the gravel to stretch a little. I felt out of whack.

The run was totally cross country. I was not expecting that. Even though I ran XC in high school, this isn’t what I had in mind, but I did my best and had to walk in a few spots to chill out my breathing and my legs. This run seemed to go on and on. My splits were pretty good, as usual my 2nd mile was the longest, but I did the 5K in 35:35.

I look like I run weird.

My official time was 1:44:44. Not bad! This still makes my first tri in 2011 my fastest. But this was my longest bike ride of a sprint. I hate how most sprints are different distances so your times are all over the place!

But with that time, I placed 3rd in my age group! I was not expecting that! I also got 3rd in my age group at the Tri The Parks John Tanner #1 This year. Even though I’m 23, I’m racing as a 24 year old since my birthday is in December… so next year I’ll be in a whole new age group..kind of lame.

But overall it was  a good race. I’m not sure if I’ll do it again next year, but I probably will :)

My bike on Shaun’s rental Charger, looking cool with my medal!